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It gave me an inspiration to try and experiment
with new projects in the future.

Creative Minds project offers people from across Hertfordshire a chance to learn new artistic skills and improve their mental wellbeing. There are four courses offered as part of the Creative Minds – poetry/creative writing, mindful photography, pottery and drama. The courses are free to attend, funded by The National Lottery Community Fund, and offer a relaxed and playful environment for individuals to explore self-expression and combat the feelings of loneliness.  We are running the project over two years and people wanting to book onto the courses in 2020 should get in touch via email [email protected] or call our centre 01438 369216.

Please be advised we have a waiting list for the Pottery course which appeared to be one of the most popular courses.

We have 10 spots for Poetry/Creative writing, 10 spots for Mindful photography, 15  – for Drama and there is a waiting list for Pottery.


Poetry/creative writing

PoetsIN workshops partner the power of words with creative writing and mentorship, supported by safe online communities encouraging social inclusion to aid mental wellbeing.

Participants leave the groups with a reduction in mental illness symptoms, an increase in confidence, a clearer idea of how to use writing as a form of self-expression and communication, a reduction in social isolation, anxiety and depression along with transferable social skills.


A relaxed and friendly course for anyone looking to learn new skills and explore ceramics. Beginning with basic hand-building skills, we will take inspiration from masks of the world to convey expression in a variety of ceramic forms. All abilities welcome, from the complete beginner, to the experienced

Mindful photography

“Sentiunt Photography in partnership with Mind in Mid Herts will run a 10-week ‘Mindful Photography’ course in autumn 2019 and beginning of 2020. You don’t need a fancy camera or previous experience – just interest in photography. Taking photos, whether this is by using your phone, tablet or camera, is a great way to relax, be active, and be creative. Mindful Photography isn’t about taking a ‘perfect’ photo; it’s about capturing a moment which means something to you.


This programme run by Trestle Theatre Company uses theatre techniques and drama games in a playful and open environment to help those suffering from stress, anxiety, depression and other conditions affecting mental wellbeing. You don’t need any experience to take part, everyone is welcome, from absolute beginners to the more experienced. Join us for a taster to discover your creative side.

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