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Our ‘Living Well’ courses and workshops have been designed to support people to make positive changes in their lives. Informed by Cognitive Behavioural  Therapy (CBT) principles these guided self-help courses support you to identify unhelpful thinking patterns and behaviours, whilst offering you new coping strategies.

These online courses and workshops will be delivered via Zoom by an experienced Mind in Mid Herts trainer; giving you all the benefits of face-to-face support from your own homes.


I hadn’t used the platform of Zoom before, however this is something I am now using regularly to check in with my colleagues, meetings and even socially to connect with friends and family. By using Zoom this has increased my confidence with connecting with people virtually as at first I found it difficult.


View these resources for more information and make sure to share them with everyone you know!

Living Well Courses Poster

Living Well Courses Leaflet

Living Well Timetable Spring Summer 2020 (1)

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