Thank you for agreeing to take part in creating some content to help Mind in Mid Herts!

Your images/recordings will be stored in our library together with quotes and details about your own experiences of living with a mental health problem (if you have chosen to share them with us).

We will use your images/recordings to illustrate our work promoting better mental health for everyone. For example, on our website.

We will attempt to use your images/recordings in work that illustrates experiences close to your own. However, sometimes we may need to use your images/videos in stories different to your own experiences.

Your images/recordings will be managed by the Communications team and used by us to promote our work and campaigns. This sometimes includes allowing partners we are closely working with to use images to publicise our work (for example the media or people who sponsor our work).

Your images/recordings may be reproduced in newspapers, magazines, in electronic media and promotional materials. It may also be used by the suppliers we work with in their portfolio of clients and work as an example of their work with us. Please be aware that once your image has been published in print it cannot be removed.

If at any point you would like your images/recordings withdrawn from the library, please contact the Communications team.

If you have any questions or need to contact us, please email: [email protected]

Consent for Mind in Mid Herts to use your images and audio recordings

I consent to the capture of still images (photographs) moving images (video) and audio recordings.
I hereby allow Mind the right and permission to store and use my images/recordings for inclusion in any of its promotional materials, in print and online, or any of its media PR work, including all alternative edits, cut downs and revisions to promote and illustrate its work.
I understand that:
• Images/videos/statements can be used in all forms of media, as part of Mind in Mid Herts campaign activity, including but not limited to TV, cinema, Internet, PR, press, print, magazines and editorial. These images/recordings can be seen outside the UK.
• Images/videos/statements can be used by suppliers Mind work with in their portfolio as an example of their work with us
• Editing may be required by Mind in Mid Herts or by agents authorised by Mind in Mid Herts for quality or technical purposes.
• Once my images/videos/statements are published in print they cannot be removed.
• My image may be used alongside a story that is not specifically about me.
• Any images/videos/statements will be stored securely in appropriate file formats on servers belonging to Mind in Mid Herts.
• Mind in Mid Herts is committed to processing personal information in accordance with relevant data protection laws. The personal data collected on this form will be held securely and used for administrative purposes and the purposes listed above.
• I have told you about any criminal record, outstanding or pending criminal investigations, or cautions in the UK or abroad and anything else that may be detrimental to the success of Mind in Mid Herts.

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