Transform Your Workplace Culture with Mind in Mid Herts: Enhance Employee Wellbeing Today

At Mind in Mid Herts, we are dedicated to revolutionising workplace culture and enhancing the mental wellbeing of your employees. Acknowledging research from the CIPD, we understand that health and wellbeing are essential, not optional, components of a successful business strategy. By prioritising employee wellbeing, companies can unlock a wealth of benefits, including a more inclusive culture, improved work-life balance, and increased employee morale and engagement.

Our services are designed to place wellbeing at the heart of your organisation, in line with the Core Standards outlined in the Thriving at Work report. We offer:


Help with the design, improvement, or implementation of a wellbeing strategy + Policy reviews, employee surveys & stress audits

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Support for Individuals

Drop-in Clinics – 15-minute session for individuals to talk to a Mental Health specialist + option for dedicated and tailored Counselling sessions

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Wellbeing Days

A roadshow of wellbeing experts, providing an informative & health-giving opportunity for staff

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