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Mental health issues can be overlooked. We want to help address this to empower organisations regarding managing mental health at work, & improve both employee engagement and organisation performance. 

We know every organisation & workforce is different which is why our Consultancy service is flexible & can adapt to whatever your organisation & workforce needs. Ensuring higher productivity, higher retention rates & less absences.

Wherever you are on your workplace wellbeing journey, we can support you in driving organisational change. We provide practical workplace solutions & expert advice on various aspects of mental health. 


We can help with:

  • Staff surveys & stress audits – Helping to identify and build an understanding of the health & wellbeing of your workforce. This will highlight what your organisation is doing well, and how you could improve your approach to mental health at work
  • Reviewing Policies – We can support the implementation of mental health strategies, review policies including Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) & all general aspects of CSR; Partnership Agreements etc.
  • ​Creation of a Bespoke plan to meet the needs of your Workplace & integrate it into your business

38% of workers won’t talk about their mental health for fear it will affect their job prospects

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