We will create a Roadshow of wellbeing experts & offer this as an informative & health-giving opportunity for staff.  The Roadshows can be a day or a week & can include a range of activities, with a menu of things to choose from that suit your workforce such as;

  • A short presentation on mental & emotional wellbeing, including managing stress, anger, relationships, coping with change & caring
  • A range of short presentations on physical health & wellbeing; back care, healthy eating, the importance of being active & sleeping well
  • A physical wellbeing check delivered by a specialist with a body trax machine, showing BMI & other important physical signs & symptoms for attention
  • A Reflexologist offering mini (20-minute) treatments
  • A Q & A with a cupcake – opportunity to talk & ask questions with our professionals
  • An information stall with a range of information
  • Welcome ginger shot
  • High-energy HIIT session
  • Restorative Yoga
  • Neck & back mini massage
  • Sound healing & meditation
  • Nutrition workshop
  • Sleep workshop
  • Talk to a friend instead of just messaging them
  • Ask a family member if they are really ok – and ask twice
  • Be there for someone – talk AND actively listen to them
Be Active
  • Take the stairs, not the lift
  • Go for a walk or run outside
  • Try ‘gentle exercising’ such as yoga, stretching or dancing before you go to work
Take Notice
  • Be curious about things and note the unusual
  • Pay attention to how your mates are feeling
  • Train your brain using mindfulness to stay focused
Keep Learning
  • Go online, check out TEDTalks or podcasts for inspiration
  • Try something new or revisit an old interest
  • Read the news or a book
  • Donate unloved clutter to a charity shop
  • Do something nice for a friend or stranger!
  • Volunteer with us

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