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Service Update during Covid- 19

We will no longer be open for face to face meetings and instead, we will be offering telephone support.

We have made available digital support for the people currently using our services with the hope to extend this out to others in the near future. This will run via Zoom, which you can access via tablet, smartphone, computer or laptop as long as you have internet access. For more information on the groups please see the timetable below.

We would like to encourage you to keep in touch with us via telephone and email- [email protected] if you would like support.

Please keep visiting our website for more updates.

I hadn’t used the platform of Zoom before, however this is something I am now using regularly to check in with my colleagues, meetings and even socially to connect with friends and family. By using Zoom this has increased my confidence with connecting with people virtually as at first I found it difficult. By staying connected with people I would usually see on a daily basis this has been extremely beneficial for my own wellbeing especially during this period. I have also noticed that this has been beneficial for other’s as well.

LGBTQ+ Group

This group will be running via Zoom from 5:30pm- 7pm on the last Tuesday of every month. To join this group please let a member of staff know or fill in a self- referral form in the top right corner. 

The procedure for referrals to Mind in Mid Herts services are as follows:

Referrals to all other Mind in Mid Herts services (e.g the groups, social support, courses, the drop in and employment support) need to be made using the MiMH support form, which service users/professionals can complete. Risk assessments will be requested once the support form has gone to the relevant service manager.

Please fill in the support form to access our services to the right of this page. Additionally you can download the latest version of the support form here:

Referral Form For Mind In Mid Herts Services

If you have any queries about this procedure please contact Mind in Mid Herts on 01727 865070.

Our Funders

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