Mind in Mid Herts (MiMHs) recognises that sometimes people need to talk to a Mental Health Professional confidentially. We therefore offer a couple of options to support this:

Drop-in sessions to meet the needs of the workforce can be planned on a weekly or monthly basis. We manage the administration with a dedicated contact to book the sessions; which can be remote or face-to-face at work in a suitable room.  They are designed to be short 15/20 minute sessions to give advice, signpost or to consider more in-depth support available i.e. Employment Assistance Program (EAP) or counselling

Dedicated Counselling / Talking therapy – Our corporate counselling service enables organisations to provide their staff with prompt & easy access to support with one of our qualified counsellors. We provide a confidential place for individuals to be heard without judgment & explore ways to overcome life issues/worries & to maintain their wellbeing.

This can be delivered remotely, on-site or at one of our four centres.  We recognise that it may not always be appropriate for someone to come out of a counselling session & bump into a colleague.  Equally, they can be delivered at a time to suit the individual outside working hours.

We would do an initial consultation to understand the aims of counselling & ensure that the agreement meets the needs of the individual & work. We would agree on a number of sessions so that management understands both the time commitment & also the budget required.

We work from the principle of valuing & accepting the unique experiences of each person.

Everyone at some time has life experiences that are challenging; a counsellor will listen, & support people to make sense of relationships, financial difficulties, and transitions (having a baby etc.). Providing a space to reflect so that individuals can work out what is important & decide upon the next steps.

For me, counselling was a lifesaver. I never used to talk to anyone. For years, I would keep things bottled up & then cry hysterically on my own as to not inconvenience anyone. I would hide it so I wouldn’t have to confront my thoughts and fears.

Sometimes it’s hard to talk to family & friends & you just need that one person who takes the time to listen.


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