Good Mental Health for summer 2019

Mental health problems do not discriminate with 1 in 4 people from all backgrounds experiencing a mental health difficulty every year in the UK. They cannot just be ‘turned off’ because of the warmer weather and for many people it can be hard to enjoy what is deemed to be a more exciting time of the year.

Mental health problems affect both men and women; however, we know that men are less likely to talk about things or seek help. As a result, many men feel alone and bottle up their feelings.

5 Top Tips to manage your mental health


Do not be afraid to let people know that you are finding things difficult. People can be very  supportive and together you may find solutions.

Relax and recharge

Remember that you are only human and can only do so much. It is important to take some time for yourself to relax and recharge.


Summer provides a great opportunity to get outside and exercise is great for our mental health. A walk in the country or a day trip can be a great way to get out and improve your mood.

Don’t believe the hype

It can be easy to be swept up by social media and adverts showing ‘the perfect’ life. It is important to remember that people are only showing you the best parts and you don’t know what is going on behind the camera.

Seek professional help

If you are continually experiencing difficulties with your mental health we can provide a range of support. Click on the link now to refer yourself to book a wellbeing consultation and to discuss the next steps. [link to referral page]

Posted on: 23rd July 2019

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