Oaklands College partner with Mind in Mid Herts Launching Funded Mental Health Training Courses

Mind in Mid Herts, in partnership with Oaklands College, is excited to announce the launch of two fully funded training courses as part of their innovative Skills Bootcamp initiative. These courses are specifically designed to empower individuals with the knowledge and skills necessary to support mental health effectively.

Empowering Through Education: A Dive into the Available Courses

The initiative introduces two pivotal courses aimed at addressing different aspects of mental health support:

  • Mental Health Peer Supporter: Conducted in person in St Albans, this course provides essential hands-on training for individuals aspiring to become impactful mental health peer supporters. Through comprehensive training, participants will learn how to offer effective support within their communities, workplaces, or any setting requiring mental health awareness and assistance
  • Mental Health in Children and Young People: Available online, this course is meticulously tailored for those keen on understanding and supporting the mental health needs of children and young adults. It covers various aspects of mental health specific to younger populations, equipping participants with the skills to offer guidance and support.

These courses represent an invaluable opportunity for colleagues, family, friends, and anyone interested in personal or professional development in mental health support. Whether you want to enhance your understanding of mental health or assist others more effectively, these funded courses provide a foundation for meaningful impact.

Mind in Mid Herts and Oaklands College encourage interested individuals not to miss out on this opportunity to enrich their skills and prioritise mental health and wellbeing. For more information or to apply for a spot, please contact [email protected].



Posted on: 21st February 2024

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