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Join “Wear it Blue – Move for Mental Health Awareness Week 2024”! Wear blue, choose a physical challenge, and raise funds for mental health. Sign up, move, and make a difference! #WearItBlue2024

Wear it Blue – Move for Mental Health 2024

Join us in making a move towards better mental health during Mental Health Awareness Week 2024 (13th – 19th May) This year, Movement is the theme, focusing on the powerful connection between physical movement and mental wellness.

Why Movement?

Movement isn’t just about physical health; it’s a vital part of our mental wellbeing. Regular physical activity can significantly improve mood, reduce anxiety, and increase overall mental health. Yet, many of us find it challenging to incorporate enough movement into our daily lives. That’s why it’s been chosen as a pivotal theme this year.

What Can You Do?

We’re calling on you to wear something blue and engage in any physical activity of your choice. Whether it’s a yoga session, a vigorous run, or a playful dance-off in your living room, your movement counts.

Our Goal:

Our goal is to not only raise awareness about the importance of movement for mental health but also to fundraise to support mental health in Mid Hertfordshire. Your contributions will help provide resources and support Mind in Mid Herts working to make a difference.

How to Participate:

Sign Up: Register on our Justgiving page to start your fundraising journey.

Choose Your Challenge: Pick any physical activity you enjoy.

Wear Blue: Don your favourite blue attire on the day of your activity.

Share Your Journey: Use the hashtag #WearItBlue2024 to share your progress and inspire others and tag us on Social media!

Donate and Fundraise: Encourage friends and family to support your challenge/event by making donations. Every little bit helps us move closer to a world where mental health is a priority.

Together, let’s move towards a future where mental health is given the attention it deserves. Wear it blue, move your body, and make a difference!

Can you give a one-off donation for Mental Health Awareness Week?

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