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About the session:

Sometimes it can be a struggle for HR professionals to connect with others, even when we need it the most. We can feel that we need to focus on supporting the organisation, sometimes forgetting to prioritise our own wellbeing. At times, working in HR can lead to feelings of isolation and loneliness, especially when you are dealing with confidential information and difficult employee relations issues. The CIPD in Hertfordshire branch are delighted to partner with Mind in Mid Herts to provide a supportive and interactive session where we will provide time and space to discuss the following:

  • Mindfulness – support to prevent habitual ways of responding
  • Distress Tolerance – supporting you to manage difficult emotions
  • Emotional Regulation – helping you develop an understanding of what causes emotions
  • Interpersonal Effectiveness – exploring how to approach relationships differently
  • Setting healthy boundaries with others and the importance of self-care
  • A space to talk freely and in confidence with your fellow HR professionals and receive support and feedback

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