Being Transgender

For our final LGBT History Month blog piece, one of our service users shared with us her journey as a Transgender woman. She also reminds us that is it never too late to be true to yourself! 


I identify as a mature – in my 67th year, Trans-gender female. There are not many of us in that age group around, in fact I’m the oldest female of that age I have ever knowingly met. Of course, we exist but like most women we don’t always make a big thing about our age.

I was late in letting the world know who I am, way back in 2016. My feelings and desires had all lay dormant until a chance meeting with a girlfriend who was delivering foodstuff to a cafe’ and I worked security the same night. The last time I’d seen her she was male. Now most definitely female. How I envied her. We shared coffee; cigarettes and dreams and her delivery schedule, after each succeeding shift, got a little later.


Raychel started to become more of a reality at about this time.


The hardest time for me during transition, was also a great blessing. I was homeless for a little over a week on the streets. There aren’t many more humbling experiences you can go through. I found shelter behind a shop under a makeshift awning that always seemed to leak and froze me to the bone. I felt I had to keep moving to keep my circulation going. 2am in the morning. Not much fun but I survived.

Whether you are just starting out as Trans, an ally, or as a professional, please just be as relaxed and non-judgemental as you can be. It’s not as bad as you might think. We are not hyper-sensitive except with ourselves. We know our short comings, and, trust me, nobody wants to be reminded of what they are every single day. I know I have a deep voice! Do you have a cure? You Do? Then tell me.


How to keep a Transgirl OR Transman OR anyone else in LGBTIQ+ happy. Keep them fed and watered. Seriously! If I could call it in just two words. ‘BE YOURSELF’.


I was asked to comment on LGBTIQ+ history month. It’s getting bigger year on year but I have to pass the ball back into society’s court because that is all I know. Who is it for? I’d love to know more. Maybe next year.




Image courtesy of: LGBT History Month Scotland – 

Posted on: 11th February 2021