Keeping Well- Self Care Boxes

One of our service users told us how making a self- care box supported her wellbeing. 

“I have been speaking to Mind since the end of July because I was struggling with low mood from life events and the added impact of Covid-19. When the suggestion was made by my support worker to make a self-care box I thought it would be a massive challenge because my motivation was really low but liked the idea it could help someone else with ideas on what to put in theirs if they were struggling too.

I chose a craft kit, because it contains all you need for a new project, a blanket to snuggle up in, luxury pamper items, and chocolate – of course! There is an easy quick meal, a notebook to write down feelings
and a book I had at home but never read. It didn’t cost a lot to make and I had some of the items already. It feels like I have an emotional first aid box to go to when I’m next feeling low and I hopefully it will give me a
boost if I need it.”

Why not create your own self- care box for when you are in need of a little pick me up, it doesn’t have to have the same items, it can be things you enjoy, motivational quotes, photos and your favourite tea or coffee!


Posted on: 20th October 2020