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Are you or your staff fed up of working from home?

Is morale low?

Do you want to boost your workforce’s mental wellbeing and in turn their productivity?


Better mental health support in the workplace can save UK businesses up to £8 billion per year and with the impact of Covid-19, we have seen an influx of mental health issues affecting the nation, with more than half of adults (60%) and over two thirds of young people (68%) having said that their mental health worsened during the first lockdown.

But we can help support your staff with a wide range of training courses and workshops.

A pandemic isn’t just a physical health issue; it’s a mental health issue as well. In terms of workplace wellbeing; with lots of messages, advice, opinions and predictions around and the uncertainty, in itself, can feel very stressful. If you have concerns about your workforce, we want you to know we are here to support you.

Very inclusive and relaxed whilst learning at the same time,­ would definitely do it again!

We will be providing wellbeing information and advice via our mailing list. You can sign up by clicking the yellow button.

We are offering the following range of support services during this difficult time.


A senior member of our workplace wellbeing team can provide consultations and workplace solutions on a range of issues; including personal and professional dilemmas.

Wellbeing Consultation

These structured wellbeing consultations are solution-based conversations to support your staff with their mental and emotional health. We will work with them to identify their resources to support them, to keep well and/or recover.

Staff Surveys and Stress Audits

Helping you to identify and build an understanding of the health and wellbeing of your workforce.

Digital Webinars

As your local Mind and Hertfordshire’s leading provider of mental health training, we pride ourselves on delivering a range of high quality, low-cost courses and workshops that are available to anyone. We are now delivering these online via the Zoom platform.

We will be delivering open sessions and private sessions. Open sessions are a great solution for small teams or individuals whilst our private sessions will be closed to your organisation. We deliver training and workshops on a range of topics and can create bespoke sessions to meet your specific needs.

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